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Saturday, 28 October 2006

Does this mean I wouldn't be allowed to wear my Port Power Tie?


BBC News
Thanks Arbroath.

Novelty sock

Novelty socks ban plan for medics

Doctors, nurses and health visitors in Lancashire could be banned from wearing novelty socks to work.
The proposed ban is part of a uniform policy which would also stop staff from having tight clothes, unusual hairstyles or excessive tattoos.

The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust said it wanted a "corporate image which presents a professional and business-like approach".

But a Conservative MP has labelled the policy "completely daft".

Lynn Wissett, director of clinical care, said: "Many of our staff work with very sick or dying patients and the policy is intended to make sure that our staff present a professional image at all times.

"Our staff and members of the public have told us is that we need to spell out clearly what is and isn't acceptable in relation to personal appearance, dress, grooming and hygiene."

'Silly socks'

Ms Wissett added that the trust would adopt a "common sense" approach to such issues.

The board met to discuss the issue on Wednesday but Nigel Evans, Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley, said the policy "should not be a priority for the NHS".

"I would have said that in children's wards it would be compulsory to wear silly socks," he said.

"I think people would prefer to see happy doctors and nurses - it's dictatorial and it's over the top.

"It's completely daft, this cannot be a priority for the NHS."


At 05 November, 2006 05:07, Blogger lauritajuanitasanchez said...

I would rather have my doctor in silly socks. I'm an adult (chronologically speaking).

At 12 November, 2006 03:20, Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

Oh, it seems that the fricken fashion nazis are at work.

Why don't you suggest that everyone turn up in a brown shirt and brown boots?

While we are at it, why don't we suggest that everyone wear a nice little loggo on their sleeve symbolizing our devotion to the corporate ideology. I dunno, something like a swaztika for example.

Unfortunately, the suggestion would probably be accepted with a slight modification of the loggo, that is.

At 13 November, 2006 10:34, Blogger Benedict 16th said...

I agree, as an ex-scientist and now a medico, I have to say these are the last bastia (pleural??) of irregular fashions, I mean if I can't work in the Emerg dept with my t-shirt that says "You are just jealous 'cos the voices are talking to me" then what is life about?


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