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Friday, 27 October 2006

BMI 37 and falling

My main problem is I have to eat so damn slowly, no such thing as 5 minutes at lunch time between phone calls and patients to scarf* down a sandwich... And remembering to drink 10 minutes or more before a meal, I keep forgetting, so I get thirsty during a meal, and then I am supposed to wait another 30 minutes before drinking any fluid. This is made even worse by my habit of drowning the soups in Chilli power.

I have been eating just about everything, at least until my neighbour out the back, Mrs Hat, gave me a kick up the pants and reminded me why I went through this damn operation!
In fact, I do not think I'll tell the dietician this one, but the only other thing aside from french fries (previous post) that has caused me even the slightest discomfort was a meat pie
(I was conducting an experiment, I used to be a research scientist - work with me here???)
I had about three mouthfuls of mostly meat but including some pastry, and I could feel it just sitting in my oesophagus, from the discomfort in my back between the shoulder blades. It just sat there.
In the end I didn't exactly vomit, I regurgitated it and there was absolutely no acidic taste to it, so clearly it hadn't gotten into the stomach properly. Nothing else has caused me any discomfort whatsoever, no sense no feeling I suppose.

BMI now 37, the lowest I have been in 11 years!
An encouraging sign is that all my clothes are getting loose on me...

On the subject of fat, I was reading this article following a link from Arbroath's Blog, and it reminded me of when I found in an old chemistry catalogue book, that you could buy something called Depot fat, guaranteed rendered from humans.

Increase success by lowering expectations
57) Ignorance: It's amazing how much easier it is for a team to work together when no one has any idea where they're going.

* A word stolen from Bronze John, is that how you spell it?


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