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Monday, 12 June 2006

Papal recognition

So GWB* can't have been wrong, even the pope approves!

CocaPope jpeg

Vin Mariani was the leading coca wine. This advertisement features an endorsement from Berthelier, a popular late 19th century actor. The caption immediately below the photograph reads, "Your marvelous Tonic needs certainly no further recommendation as everyone is familiar with it, and no one would be without it. I claim 'VIN MARIANI' can have no equal; it will live forever." The caption also proclaims "over 7,000 written endorsements from prominent physicians in Europe and America" and that the product has had acclaim for 30 years. (From Harper's Magazine, March, 1894.)

Here is one of my favourite old pharmaceurical ads...
CocaPope jpeg


* eg for one of about 2,000,000 matching google items see


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